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Job Overview And Responsibility

 This position is responsible, but not limited, to:

Own responsibilities: 

  • Monitor all software and hardware products and ensure compliance to Data Center standards and systems.
  • Monitor all activities related to analysis and implement all data center plans.
  • Supervise designing and evaluate of all server systems according to measurement of process.
  • Coordinate with various departments and perform integration of critical systems into infrastructure.
  • Keep 24x7 availability as escalation point for data center facility and network connectivity issues.
  • Report to and interact with senior management as required.
  • Review existing procedures and implement needed additional revision.
  • Maintain expert knowledge on all business procedures associate with assets and capacity.
  • Monitor all functional resources required for growth and ensure appropriate working.

Support or on behalf (in case authorized) DC Head to: 

  • Supervise to maintain the functionality of the existing facilities.
  • Keep data center access and readiness of the emergency response team.
  • Review and control the defined risks of Data Center environment, determine the new risks and do the control plan.
  • Prepare plans for development and installation of data center according to present and future requirements.
  • Perform troubleshoot on data center, identify issues and assist in timely resolution of same
  • Coordinate with business teams and develop strategies to ensure achievement of data center capacity.
  • Keep data center access and readiness of the emergency response team.
  • Review and control the defined risks of Data Center environment, determine the new risks and do the control plan.
  • Ensure client satisfaction and provide optimal level of customer services for various departments.
  • Ensure all operational initiatives to comply with ISO 27001, Tier-III requirements and other corporate regulations.
  • Manage and perform research to design new advanced data center.
  • Forecast and control budget for all expenses of Data Center operation.
  • Ensure adherence to all established guidelines and management practices for employees.
  • Develop proper policies and processes and provide training to ensure staff strictly follow the guidance.
  • Lead DC team in 24x7 to deliver a high performance.

 Must Have Skills And Experience

  • Required bachelor of computer science, information technology, information systems 
  • Typically requires 5+ years of managerial experience in DC business 
  • Very good knowledge of data center M&E and networking system, infrastructure management and maintenance 
  • A very good understanding of M&E and Networking troubleshooting 
  • Project management 
  • Strong leadership and management skills and experience. 
  • Analytics skills 
  • Ability to work well under pressure 
  • Extensive infrastructure experience with a focus on DC Facilities and Networking operations. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively and provide direction to employees, contractors and vendors to maintain a high performance in a Data Center environment. 
  • A willingness to provide on-call escalation support in case of emergencies or other off-hours issues. 
  • Ability to process the emergency situation at the management level 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. 
  • English skill must be good in writing and speaking 

Why Candidate Should Apply This Positon 

  • Working in one of the top Data Centers in Vietnam
  • Competitive salary & benefits

Interviewing Process

  • Hiring Manager Interview

Notice For Referer

  • Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30AM - 5:30PM, lunch time from 12PM - 1PM
  • Leave days: 14 days/year
  • Insurance according to Vietnam laws
  • Only hire Vietnamese candidates
  • Working location: Công viên phần mềm Quang Trung, District 12

Make the Internet change Vietnamese lives 

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  • VNG believes in the power of the Internet and sees it as its mission to bring Internet users meaningful experiences. Each day, millions of young Vietnamese entertain, network and make friends, shop online or engage in social activities through VNG products, which are the ways VNG creates value for the society.
  • We hope VNG is a place where you build your career. Whether you want to pursue to be a manager or focus on professional development, we acknowledge and appreciate your talents. Therefore, we open up to you more promotion opportunities in VNG, and designed program to help you succeed in every single career path.  
  • NO SUIT, NO TIE: At VNG, we do not have many rules because we respect you and want to make comfortable atmosphere to help employees perform their jobs well. 
  • Company “pay” for you: Lunch, parking, swimming, learning English or gym for free and you know you are really in care. 
  • NO BARRIERS: Office of VNG is an open space because we always try to remove all barriers to help members easily shares with each other.
  • Being a big family: Like a gift for family day. A party for the kids. We know how much your family matters. 
  • NO RANK At VNG, members are encouraged to contribute ideas and debate with the others.
  • Be explored: Ph.D., un-academic guy, bookish girl, fashion designers ... VNGers are different and this diversity makes life more colorful. 
  • NO "OFFICE": Office is like your home. You can hang paintings, plant trees, even feed aquarium on the desk. 
  • Be showed your best: VNGers like to "mortification" with the group games such as: Fansipan climbing, waterfall rafting, go over heat mats; there activities not only are tightening friendship, but also practice their bravery. 
  • GAMING: Even if you do not make the game, stealing beans in the boss’s garden or versusing with your colleagues in a sword competition play online is also an interesting way to relax. 
  • Changing the world: Creating an entertainment channel, building a social network and developing a game. On the Internet world, every single thing you did can change the lives of many people. 
  • Let’s join VNG to share our mission: 'MAKE THE INTERNET CHANGE VIETNAMESE LIVES' 

Our tech stacks

  • Java Android iOS Mobile Apps C++ QA QC